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The 4th book in the Elemental series is now available.


He’s a rogue werewolf.

For centuries he’s been alone. No clan. No family. No mate. Powerful and predatory, he’s made a life by himself. Until he catches scent of her.

She’s been a prisoner her entire life.

Brought up within The Order. Experimented on. Taught that her only value is the power hidden within her. She’s never thought about more, never wanted more. Until him.

She can complete him. He can set her free.

Together they can create a life neither hoped of having. But The Order is relentless and desperate. And they won’t rest until they get what they want.




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Also, if you are curious  or would like a little more “behind the scenes” info – check out the Inside Info tab on my website. I’ve added a little more information about both series.


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to my site!

  1. Meredith,
    I just finished reading Dead Vampires Don’t Date and it was simply wonderful. I love my cozy mysteries well blended with the paranormal and spicy romance. I also posted a review at Amazon.
    Your character are delightful and I immediately bonded with them. I am anxious to read more about Katie, Ash, Morgan and Al. Will this be a Series? I sure hope so. It has tons of potential as such.

    Anyway, thank you for a wonderful story and for sharing you talent with us mere mortals. Here’s wishing you Health, Happiness, Continued inspiration and continued success!

    • Hi Juliete,
      Thank you for your lovely comments!!! Yes, this is a series. I am hoping for a September release for the second book. I am over half way through the next book right now. And, like you, I love my mysteries blended with the paranormal and romance! I loved writing this book – the characters are just so much fun. And thank you for posting a review on Amazon – those reviews mean the world to me! I will be putting information on the release date of the next book on this website and on my facebook page as well.
      Thank you again for your comments and review.
      My best,
      Meredith Allen Conner

  2. Hi Meredith!

    I had to stop by and let you know that thoroughly enjoyed your first book! There was great character development and I walked away feeling as if I knew each one personally…even the mysterious Ash 🙂 Your heroine us funny, smart, and even though she knows she’s not perfect, very confident–lovely combination. Glad to see that this will be a series! I wish you continued success and thank you for sharing your gift.

    • Hi JaymesHenrie,
      So happy you enjoyed the book!! Thank you for the compliments on my characters – I absolutely love Kate. You are right – she is totally flawed and is okay with that and doesn’t let it slow her down either! I hope to have the next book out in September and will post the release on my website and on facebook. I hope you’ll follow Kate’s journey in the next book as well. Thank you for emailing me.
      My best, Meredith Allen Conner

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