MeredithAllenConner_DeadVampiresDontDate_200pxDead Vampires Don’t Date

Kate Storm is your typical everyday mortal witch. She owns her own matchmaking business, hangs out with her vampire best friend, Morgan and enjoys the company of Big Al,her hit man channeling Chihuahua. Plus there’s a certain demon that she has her eye on. Life is pretty good until her first important non-human client winds up dead and his body is dumped at her back door. Turns out, disposing of the body is the least of her problems.  Kate will have to find the true killer if she wants to save her business and her life. And her new found witchy detective skills may not be enough to save her, especially if the demon is    involved.

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MeredithAllenConner_BigfootsDontDoMiniCoopers_200pxBigfoots Don’t Do Mini Coopers

Kate Storm always thought Bigfoot was a mythological creature. Until she ran her over. Now she’s stuck with the creature sleeping on her pull-out while she figures out how to heal her. Which wouldn’t be so bad if Big Al, her hit-man channeling Chihuahua, wasn’t showing so much concern for the giant furry being. Kate wants nothing more than to get Bigfoot back to where she came from, but she has other things to worry about. Her undead best friend Morgan is hiding a secret. Kate is trying to work through relationship issues with Ash, her demon boyfriend. A xenologist is on Bigfoot’s trail. And another of her clients winds up dead. It’s enough to make the most determined matchmaking witch a little crazy. Kate will have to rely on more than her magic to get her through this time.

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Demons Don’t Always Tell the Truth

Kate Storm is on the hunt for some answers. She knew her demon boyfriend Ash had been hiding something from her. But she never imagined his secret had anything to do with her. The information sends her reeling. Her fairy secretary starts acting odd. And she can’t get a read on a new client. The answers to her questions might be more than she can handle, especially if black magic is involved.


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Witches Don’t Back Down

Kate Storm is running out of time. Her long lost aunt Morgause – the one with the grudge – is getting closer and closer to finding Kate. And Kate is going to have to come up with some serious skills in order to fight her. She’s working on it, but she has other things that need her attention too: Her hit-man channeling Chihuahua is trying to get in touch with his inner beast. Her un-dead best friend, Morgan, is obsessed with Karaoke. A new client is using Black Magic and her high school rival has signed up to use Kate’s matchmaking services. It’s enough to drive a witch crazy. Kate, however, is determined to triumph and have a chance at her own happily-ever-after with her demon boyfriend, Ash. Because if she can’t find a way to defeat her aunt and break the curse she’s under she’ll not only lose that chance, she may lose her life as well.

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A powerful werewolf seeking his mate

On the run and about to be captured, Sela seeks safety in a bar where she discovers more than just a chance to keep on living. She meets Mac – a werewolf. Despite having an elemental power, Sela had no idea there were other different beings living among the humans as well. She doesn’t know if she can afford to trust the big werewolf – even if he does call her mate.

A woman who can control the element of water

After centuries of searching for his mate, Mac had almost given up trying to find her. Now that he has found Sela, he will do any and everything in his power to keep her. Including fighting a dangerous fanatical group determined to have Sela’s power over water for their own and tracking down her sisters, also on the run from the group of fanatics. All of which may prove pointless in Mac’s efforts to win Sela if he can’t earn her trust first.

Brought together by chance, only trust and love can keep them together

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A desperate werewolf

Beaten down and exhausted from a life on the run, Livie takes refuge with her sister while recovering from a bullet wound. The only problem is she can’t relax. How can she when she is surrounded by werewolves? Big and powerful with the ability to grow fur and lethal fangs, the creatures horrify her. Especially him.

A frightened woman with an amazing power

All he has ever wanted is to find his mate. The moment he smells her, Roc knows he has finally found his mate. And she is terrified of him. He never expected to have this problem with his mate. But he will do anything to keep her and make her his. If that means chaining her to his bed . . . so be it.

Alone they have nothing, but together they can have it all.

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TheWolven blogs and postsThe Wolven

A dominant king

Taken captive and on her own, Rea must find a way to escape the Order. With the help of her newly discovered sister, she is able to regain her freedom, but her sister stays behind. Rea can’t lose her again. She’ll do anything to find her, accepting help from the king of werewolves should be easy. But he wants more, much more than her acceptance of his help. He wants her.

A determined woman

Cam has known for weeks that Rea is his mate. Weeks of imagining her being tortured while he is powerless to help her. The moment she calls, he races to her rescue. Only to find she doesn’t need rescuing. Rea doesn’t seem to need anything from him. He’s determined to show her he was born to protect her. They have a bond between them. A bond he’s afraid he can’t live without.

They can fight each other, or join together for a love more powerful than they ever imagined

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The Wolven

He’s a rogue werewolf.

For centuries he’s been alone. No clan. No family. No mate. Powerful and predatory, he’s made a life by himself. Until he catches scent of her.

She’s been a prisoner her entire life.

Brought up within The Order. Experimented on. Taught that her only value is the power hidden within her. She’s never thought about more, never wanted more. Until him.

She can complete him. He can set her free.

Together they can create a life neither hoped of having. But The Order is relentless and desperate. And they won’t rest until they get what they want.

This book is available as both an eBook and in print.

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