Inside info

Warning: if you haven’t read the complete series and plan to, there might be some spoilers below.

Kate Storm

The Kate Storm series is available on both Kindle and Nook as eBooks and they can be purchased in print form as well. Links are provided on the Books page.

1. Dead Vampires Don’t Date (Kate Storm, book one) released May 2013

2. Bigfoots Don’t Do Mini Coopers (Kate Storm, book two) released April 2014

3. Demons Don’t Always Tell the Truth (Kate Storm, book three) released February 2015

4. Witches Don’t Back Down (Kate Storm, book four) released August 2015

I am planning on 4 books in this series with possibly a short story or two.

Brief summary: This series tells the story of Kate Storm, modern day witch, who is caught between two different groups – the human population and the paranormal population. She is both part of each group and yet doesn’t quite fit into either group. She was bullied when she was younger and struggles to make a place for herself in the world as she knows it.

More info: I love every character in this series. Although I must admit to a deep fondness for Big Al, Kate’s tiny Chihuahua who channels the ghost of a New Jersey mafia hit-man and is completely and unrealistically in love with Kate. The inspiration for this guy came from our first Chihuahua. We named him Alfred. Before Alfred, we always had large dogs. Labs, a Husky and a Newfoundland. It came as a shock to us – more my husband than myself – when we both fell in love with a teeny tiny Chihuahua. I will never forget the first time we brought him into the vet. She had Chihuahuas herself and told me “he will pick one person in the family and fall in love with them.” I think right then and there Big Al was born in my mind. Alfred truly did fall in love with me. He followed me everywhere, always wanted to be as close to me as possible and was extremely protective of me. He even gave my husband a black eye at one point – although I still maintain that was more my husband’s fault than Alfred’s! I adored Alfred. If Al could have talked, he would have spoken with a deep, macho voice – I always imagined Vin Diesel. Al used to lay curled around my neck when we drove into town. We live in a rural area and cows were his mortal enemies. He’d growl at the cows, I’d say “Really, I think those look like nice cows,” he’d growl again, and I’d say “Are you sure?” and he’d growl again. Clearly, Al was just waiting to leap off my pages.


The Elementals

The first two books in the Elemental series are available on both Kindle and Nook as eBooks and they can be purchased in print form as well. Links are provided on the Books page.

1. Tall, Dark and Furry (Elementals, book one) released August 2014

2. Fur, Fangs and All (Elementals, book two) released January 2015

3. The Wolven (Elementals, book three) – released May 2015

4. Rogue -Spring 2016

I am also planning on 4 books in this series as well.

Brief summary: This series tells the story of sisters who control the power of the Elements – water, wind, fire and earth. They are pursued by a horrible group called the Order of the Elements, who want to use the sisters’ powers for their own nefarious purposes. The sisters grow up with a mother who hates them, are eventually forced into splitting up as teenagers and taking to the streets and spend their young lives on the run while attempting to remain free from the Order. To make matters worse, their Elements are not active and they have to survive and protect themselves with their wits and any skills they learn along the way. Enter big, sexy werewolves. These guys have been looking for their mates for a long time and it turns out the sisters are just the ones they need. As each werewolf finds his mate, the women’s Elements are sparked. But after a life on the run, settling down is not something the women ever planned for. And the Order is always hunting for the women.

More info: I started this series a long time ago, well before I started the Kate Storm series. I love romance, especially paranormal romance. There is just something so appealing to me about big, strong, dominant men who fall madly in love and will do whatever it takes to have and please their mates. This series also came out a lot sexier than I originally planned when I wrote out my outlines. I blame it on the werewolves – those guys know what they want and are not afraid to go after it. In explicit detail! I have a story board that I use with this series that has boxes for the Characters, Descriptions of each character, Background info, A few Basics that are true to each story and then plot outlines for the first three stories. The fourth book has always remained a little vague until just recently and I now have a good outline and I am excited to write this story as it is part of the sister’s saga and yet slightly different. The one thing I don’t really get into in the stories is the overall timeline. I based this series on a 4 month lunar calendar. When I originally outlined the books, I printed off four calendar months then literally cut and pasted pictures of the precise lunar cycle for those months onto the calendars (I couldn’t find an online calendar with both the lunar cycles and spaces for writing). These stories take place from June through September. I have notes written on these calendars to help me keep track when I lose myself in the stories. In Livie’s story when they battle in Chinatown the moon is fading and Livie is captured during a crescent moon. The battle when Rea is captured takes place during a new moon – or when there isn’t any moon at all. The battle takes place during the day so this isn’t mentioned, but it is something I keep in mind. The werewolves are strongest during the full moon and weakest during the new one. Although they are incredible powerful overall.